What Will Your Story Be

So, you’re pregnant and you’re panicking. You’re scared, you feel hopeless….you don’t want to tell anyone, but you need to tell someone.       You’re asking yourself all kinds of questions – Will he stay with me?           What will my mom say? Will my parents kick me out? Can I finish school? Can I do this?

On the other hand, you’re asking yourself – Can I have an abortion? Will we break up? What will my mom & dad think when they find out I had an abortion? Will God forgive me? Will I forgive myself? Will my baby forgive me? You may also be thinking you have a friend who had an abortion – Did she get over it? Is she really OK? Does she regret it? Where do I go? Who can   I talk to?

I know all those thoughts and feelings. I was pregnant at 18 years old. I panicked, I had two older sisters who had already had babies out of wedlock…and here I was following in their footsteps. I didn’t want to disappoint my mother and be her third daughter not married and pregnant!

That was in 1982, we were told “its not a baby, it’s a blob, it’s just tissue”. Back then I didn’t know of any pregnancy counseling centers. I finally told my mom, and much to my surprise she didn’t freak out. She told me to take one day at a time….and that’s what I did. It was hard and embarrassing, to be pregnant at eighteen and unmarried. People would ask all kinds of questions and then look at me with “that look of disapproval”.

Here’s the deal – it was very difficult, I ended up breaking up with my boyfriend, I didn’t get the man or the marriage or the ‘picket fence’….but I did get Matthew! You see, as hard and scary as it was….I didn’t die from it! I lived through it, and so did Matt.

So that’s my story. What will your story be? What will your baby’s story be?

You matter. You are valuable. Please, I’m begging you, be informed. Come into the PCC and ask us any question about abortion, let us give you a free limited ultrasound to see exactly where you’re at, and if the pregnancy is viable. If you’re going to make this decision, KNOW what will actually happen!