• Free, Confidential Options Counseling for women and men
  • Limited Obstetrical Ultrasounds
  • Baby supplies and equipment
  • Housing/ maternity homes
  • Referrals to: Pre-natal care, federal assistance

Having Your Baby

Today there are many resources available to help a mother in need. Food, clothes, support groups, parenting groups, etc.

Babies Development during pregnancy

Contact a doctor or to speak with a counselor


Carrying the baby to term and entrusting the child to loving, adoptive parents is truly the most courageous and loving option outside of parenting! The list of potential adoptive parents is a long one!

Types of Adoptions

  • OPEN ADOPTION – The birthmother has the option to select and meet adoptive parents. Together they decide the openness of the relationship after placement.
  • TRADITIONAL ADOPTION is the same as a closed adoption in which the identity and the confidentiality of both the birth parents and the adoptive parents are preserved.

For adoption referrals please contact us at 818-895-2500.