Feelings & Thoughts Evolve

At first:

I am so overwhelmed and scared.  I might be pregnant.  I’m in a new relationship with a wonderful man.  I have two older kids; their father abandoned me.

I need to know if I am really pregnant.  Three at-home pregnancy tests tell me that I am – but they could be wrong.  If I am pregnant I’m too afraid to have another abortion.  The abortion I had a few years ago was a really bad experience.  But can I have another son/daughter?  How will my boyfriend feel about a baby?  I am so overwhelmed.

So, I Googled for answers on the internet and I found the Pregnancy Counseling Center.  I came here to have an accurate clinical pregnancy test.  The test is positive.  Now I know for sure, but my thoughts and feelings are still a whirlwind.  The nurse invites me to come back in two weeks for a limited ultrasound to make sure the baby is in the right place and to get a better idea of exactly how far along I am.


My boyfriend is so excited about the baby!  He came with me to the limited ultrasound appointment.  One of the doctors that the Pregnancy Counseling Center referred me to gave me the vitamins I needed and I feel so much better about everything.

Several months later: 

My son is beautiful. I can’t believe I thought about abortion. Yes, we have some financial issues, but people around me love the baby and have stepped in to help with babysitting and more. The staff and volunteers at the Pregnancy Counseling Center were so supportive during my pregnancy, and now that my son is born, they continue to help us with supplies and caring counseling.