Best Friends

They have been best friends for years, share all their secrets with each other, and do practically everything together. They attend the same junior college, share the same goal of finishing school, and hope for successful careers. They felt unstoppable and carefree until today.

Together they arrive at the Pregnancy Counseling Center, scared and confused, both fearing that they might be pregnant. Neither one feels ready to be a mother. Neither one has the support of her boyfriend. Neither girl expects any help from her family. Amid tears and anxious hand holding, they await the results of their pregnancy tests.

One girl “Felicia” is pregnant; her best friend “Deborah” is not. “This is so unreal, I just knew it would be me,” says Felicia. She is leaning towards abortion, but knows she will feel badly about it.

A limited ultrasound is performed, and the moment Felicia sees her baby’s heartbeat, the pregnancy becomes real. She asks for her best friend, Deborah, to join her in the room.

“Oh my… is that your baby?” Deborah exclaims when she sees the monitor. “It’s really a baby,” she says softly. After the ultrasound, Felicia says she can no longer consider abortion. In this safe and caring environment at the PCC, Felicia is able to hear and see the truth, and choose life. Her best friend hugs her, and pledges her help and support.

Felicia will not be alone. Along with her best friend’s help, she will also have the full support of everyone here at the Pregnancy Counseling Center. Doctor referrals will be provided so she can begin prenatal care, and we promise to help her with monthly material assistance.

These best friends leave the PCC as two young women who have been profoundly changed by today’s shared experience.